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We Build Web Application

Whether you are looking to have your website designed, or you are looking for someone to convert a concept into a website or application, we are able to help.

That's also not all we do, when your need is a little bit more complex, we have the expertise to build it brick by brick tailored to your need.

Talk to us and see how we can have your project running in no time

Seeking Talents

Seeking Talents

We constantly seeks out passionate individuals to join our team. If you have what it takes for the position specified below, drop us an email at career@i2solutions.co.id

Interface Developers - Understand the technology behind the web interface, knows HTML, CSS and Javascripts. Familiar with slicing out design from a concept.

Web Designers - Knows and could whiz Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator with ease. Passionate about designing a beautiful web interface.